Media Registration

Welcome to the Expo Milano 2015 Online Accreditation Service.

The registration will have to be completed at least 2/3 working days before your arrival, to allow for the required regular security checks to be completed.

The registration process does not automatically guarantee accreditation: once your request has been analysed, the state of your request (which you can check in your private area) will show if it has been approved or not.
The media accreditations for Expo Milano 2015 are strictly personal, reserved only for the representatives of the media sector – press, photos, TV, agencies, radios, online and freelance media – and cannot be used after the indicated expiry date.

Holders of Media and HB category accreditations can visit the Exposition Site from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight.
The organiser reserves the right to confiscate the accreditation and declare it invalid in case of irregular and/or inappropriate use by the holder.

Before starting, please remember to keep a valid identity document (ID card or passport) at hand.

While filling in your request, please remember that it is required and compulsory to exactly provide the personal data as in the ID document (for instance any second surnames, any second and third names, apostrophes, etc.), exact date of birth, number and date of the document expiry.
If the provided data do not coincide with those in the ID document, the accreditation procedure will have to be restarted from scratch with the related technical timing for approval (2/3 days).

In addition, you will have to show your ID card upon the collection of your media accreditation.

In the end, you are recommended to complete your registration through Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

For accreditation support, please contact:

For press office support please contact:

Media Accreditation